You cannot adequately perform a job without the proper tools.  When a handyman goes into a home to make a repair, he brings a set of tools with him.  It would be pretty hard to fix a broken toilet without the right tools. If you have a message that you want delivered to the masses, a website is the easiest way to accomplish your goal.  It doesn’t matter if you are selling a product, telling your story or advertising the next event you need to REACH PEOPLE.  The new fad today is “do it yourself” web design.  Several companies are around now that allow you to throw up an online presence in minutes.  The problem with these sites are they look thrown together and not user friendly.  When a person visits your website, you want them to feel welcomed first of all and have an easy path to the information they are looking for.

An ideal website has:

A homepage

Articles to engage visitors

Sales pages

Video content

If you have a website, great!  If not, I invite you to answer the following questions:

Why do you want a website?

What features do you want to see in your website?

What websites to find the most user friendly?

Do you have a client base or following now?

Do you have a slogan or tagline?

What is your budget?

Do you own a domain name already?

Have you looked at the competition in your market?

Do you have a sales funnel?


I would love to talk further about what specifically you are looking for in a website.

Tell me more about your idea