How is the web design business?


This business is a train wreck to be honest!   So many people are over promising results and not delivering on what they say they can do.  Anyone can type a message on social media claiming to be able to do anything and someone will flock to it and bite on their offer.  The issue is, how do you know what a designer can do?

Here are a few things you can do to protect yourself when interviewing a web designer:

  • Ask for a portfolio of work
  • Speak with a client of theirs ( Clients speak the truth)
  • Find out what platform they use
  • Will you have access to the design files, graphics and templates created?
  • What is the time frame for completion?

Here is how you can be a better design client:

  • Web designers do not know your business, we know how to make it appear online so please be able to provide content that tells a story about you or your company
  • Know what functionality you want ( Email, shopping cart, blogs, forms, etc.)
  • Know what you do not know (If you created a site with WIX, you are NOT a web designer so please be open to advice)

I take an approach that differs from most of the market with my clients.  I will do a free consultation with you where we spend about 30 minutes asking some direct questions about your goals and your business.  At the end of that call, I am honest about what I am able to do and if I feel we are a fit to work together.  You have to have a rapport with your designer, creating an image online is a big step for businesses, one that could be very profitable for you.   Click below to schedule a call with me.

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