Some Quick Tips To Get Started With SEO

  2. Make sure your contact information is up-to-date
  3. Do you have enough relevant content?
  4. Do you have enough external content?
  5. Is your site secure ?
  6. Check your competitor’s site
  7. Check your profile
  8. Create long, engaging content
  9. Name and tag your images correctly
  10. Monitor your reviews & ratings
  11. Pay attention to Google Analytics
  12. Don’t be afraid to link out
  13. Make sure your site loads fast
  14. Use video on social media to drive traffic
  15. Be active with your blog
  16. Build internal links within the body of your pages
  17. Be patient
  18. Submit your sitemap to Google & Bing
  19. Be active with your social media profiles
  20. Is your site as mobile-friendly as it could be?

The biggest thing to keep in mind here is CONTENT IS KING.  You have to produce a lot of it to remain relevant and captivating.  Reach out if I can help…