By now I am sure you have seen something like this in your newsfeed on Facebook and maybe you are wondering “how in the hell did they do that?”

Let me walk you through what you need to do to create this for yourself.  First of all, this is for “pages” not personal profiles.

Step 1

Log into you page from a desktop and go to publishing tools at the top

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Step 2

Click on Video library on the left

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Step 3

Click + Live

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Step 4

After you click next, the screen will look like this( take note of your stream key as you will need this for the next step

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Step 5

here you will put in all of the details, make sure you click the bottom right and change it from “go live” to “schedule”

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Step 6 the scheduling screen should look like this

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Now in order to launch a scheduled live stream, you need another piece of free software (Open Broadcaster Studio)

After you install that,  click here for instructions on linking this to Facebook live