A ton of people are out there creating their own websites from templates or free spaces offering people the dream of creating an image online.  Here is a list of a some things to avoid when creating your own site.  These things will cost you visitors and conversions:

  1. Do not disable navigation on your site, every page should have a menu with an easy way for the user to navigate
  2. Keep the user in the same window, nothing will piss a visitor off more than being bounced around to a bunch of different windows
  3. Make your contact info EASY TO FIND ( your phone number, email, social media links)
  4. REVIEW YOUR LINKS, check them and make sure they are working.  ( it is easy to fat finger something when typing)
  5. Keep the information up to date
  6. Keep the font consistent
  7. If a product is no longer being offered, REMOVE IT and keep fresh products rolling out
  8. too many pop ups are not a good thing.
  9. Have a call to action, if it is a blog post ASK A QUESTION, embed a form, do something to make the user feel they are contributing

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