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What Can Break The Image Do For Your Website?

If you do not have one or the one you have is not delivering the results you need, lets talk today.  Break The Image was founded to help businesses and people establish their image online.  We take a one on one , personal approach with our clients.  There is no template that is used.  We consult with you and get to know your needs specifically and then craft a plan/design that works best for your long term goals.  So if you are looking for website design help, I encourage you to schedule a free consultation by clicking below.

Questions A Website Designer Will Ask

As part of the free consultation we offer, we will run through a series of questions to ensure that we have a good understanding of your vision and specific needs.  Here is a list of some questions to think about when you say "I need a website" or "I want to re-design...
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How To Start An Online Presence

A ton of people have reached out asking about free ways to advertise their business.  Here is a quick list of 50 places: Google Bing Yahoo! Yelp Facebook Better Business Bureau Angie's List Merchant Circle LinkedIn YP.com Whitepages Superpages.com Yellowbook...
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Be A Lighthouse In Your Business

Everyday there is a new company launching online so how do you stand out?  How do you put your mark on a flooded environment?  How do you make people care about YOUR PRODUCT? TRUTH!!!! People today are starving for truth!  There is such much sugar...
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The State Of Web Design

How is the web design business?   This business is a train wreck to be honest!   So many people are over promising results and not delivering on what they say they can do.  Anyone can type a message on social media claiming to be able to do anything and someone...
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Stop Caring About The Opinions Of Others

Social media has become a wonderful tool for us to use to connect with people form all over the world, it has also become a portal for others to judge every picture, every post and every video that we throw out there.  How does that make you feel?   For me, when I...
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Why do you need a website?

SO YOU WANT A WEBSITE? You cannot adequately perform a job without the proper tools.  When a handyman goes into a home to make a repair, he brings a set of tools with him.  It would be pretty hard to fix a broken toilet without the right tools. If you have a message...
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