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If you do not have one or the one you have is not delivering the results you need, lets talk today.  Break The Image was founded to help businesses and people establish their image online.  We take a one on one , personal approach with our clients.  There is no template that is used.  We consult with you and get to know your needs specifically and then craft a plan/design that works best for your long term goals.  So if you are looking for website design help, I encourage you to schedule a free consultation with Break The Image by clicking below.

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Simple Seo Tips

Some Quick Tips To Get Started With SEO STOP OVERTHINKING AND POST---- MORE IS BETTER Make sure your contact information is up-to-date Do you have enough relevant content? Do you have enough external content? Is your site secure ? Check your competitor’s site Check...

How To Schedule A Facebook Live w/FREE Software

By now I am sure you have seen something like this in your newsfeed on Facebook and maybe you are wondering "how in the hell did they do that?" Let me walk you through what you need to do to create this for yourself.  First of all, this is for "pages" not personal...

Common Mistakes When Creating A Website

A ton of people are out there creating their own websites from templates or free spaces offering people the dream of creating an image online.  Here is a list of a some things to avoid when creating your own site.  These things will cost you visitors and conversions:...

Questions A Website Designer Will Ask

As part of the free consultation we offer, we will run through a series of questions to ensure that we have a good understanding of your vision and specific needs.  Here is a list of some questions to think about when you say "I need a website" or "I want to re-design...

How To Start An Online Presence

A ton of people have reached out asking about free ways to advertise their business.  Here is a quick list of 50 places: Google Bing Yahoo! Yelp Facebook Better Business Bureau Angie's List Merchant Circle LinkedIn Whitepages Yellowbook...

Be A Lighthouse In Your Business

Everyday there is a new company launching online so how do you stand out?  How do you put your mark on a flooded environment?  How do you make people care about YOUR PRODUCT? TRUTH!!!! People today are starving for truth!  There is such much sugar coated BS out there...

The State Of Web Design

How is the web design business?   This business is a train wreck to be honest!   So many people are over promising results and not delivering on what they say they can do.  Anyone can type a message on social media claiming to be able to do anything and someone will...

Stop Caring About The Opinions Of Others

Social media has become a wonderful tool for us to use to connect with people form all over the world, it has also become a portal for others to judge every picture, every post and every video that we throw out there.  How does that make you feel?   For me, when I...

Why do you need a website?

SO YOU WANT A WEBSITE? You cannot adequately perform a job without the proper tools.  When a handyman goes into a home to make a repair, he brings a set of tools with him.  It would be pretty hard to fix a broken toilet without the right tools. If you have a message...

What My Clients Say

  • Break The Image  You choose wisely if you choose Jeff as your webmaster. Not only is he an expert in his field technically, he treats his clients with respect and puts their interests and considerations first, patience is his strong-suit. He is a rarity in his field.

    Break The Image Lisa DeLaura Cremeans

    Break The Image  Jeff has helped me grow my business in many ways. He cares about your company. He is so knowledgeable and up on the latest ideas and techniques before most people. I am so ahead of the people in my industry, in my area and most areas for that matter. I just partnered up w/ a company to do on the go/on line work outs and i am one of the leading partners due to Jeff and how he helped me develop my business and techniques. I would and HAVE recommended Jeff and his services to MANY people. Jeff is definitely MY go to guy.

    Break The Image Dani Knight

    Break The Image  I'm basically computer illiterate so he made everything automated. I literally never thought it would be possible for me to have an online store. Value, service and experience was way beyond my expectations!!!

    Break The Image Derek Taper Green

    Break The Image  Jeff isn't amazing! Has awesome innovative ideas, quick to help and fix problems and makes set up very easy. I'm not to tech savvy and he's gotten me to the point to where I know how to edit everything in my page. He's great at making your website and layout awesome and functional Highly recommend him.

    Break The Image Jason Barnett
  • Break The Image  Fantastic guy to work with! Takes your ideas and brings them to life! Does not interfere with what you want! Jeff's very proactive, on-time and delivers a solid product how and when he says he's going to have it! He also shares his abilities with you to help give you a little more control in the process which anyone should be able to have when building a business! I've enjoyed working with Jeff, continue to work with him and will no doubt utilize his services on other projects.

    Break The Image John Guinta

    Break The Image  Easy, quick and to the point. I'm 99% ignorant when it comes to this stuff but Jeff made it easy for me to understand and the process was brilliant!

    Break The Image Jeff Watson

    Break The Image  Jeff operates like a true professional. Available to help when you need it and very efficient. I recommend his services to anyone who would need them.

    Break The Image Zachary Howard

    Break The Image  Jeff is awesome! I’m so glad I came across him from posting on the Harford County advice FB page. He goes above and beyond what is expected! He has very affordable pricing for small business owners, like myself. He helped me transfer my website to a better hosting sever from Vistaprint. He also redesigned my website, SEO and pointed me in the right direction with my social media posts. Thanks Jeff!

    Break The Image Kelly Wargo
  • Break The Image  I worked with Jeff on The Charming Rebel after realizing how bad it needed a complete revision. During that time I was out of the country on vacation, Jeff stepped in and completely exceeded my expectations by taking my personality he picked up on and what little I had already on my page. I truely enjoy his leadership and support in making my business work, presenting clear information, professionalism, and I just LOVE it. Thank you!!

    Break The Image Amanda Flickinger

    Break The Image  Jeff is excellent at what he does! He has worked closely with me on a couple of projects to get exactly what I'm looking for in website and lead page design for my business. I'm more than pleased with his work

    Break The Image Zach Toomey

    Break The Image  Jeff does amazing work. He takes what you talk about in your meetings and applies it in a great and intuitive way. The ease of navigation of my site is exactly what I wanted. Plus his knowledge of what it will look like and how it will flow helps you understand exactly what you will be getting when he hands over the finished product. Hands down, one of the greatest experiences I've had in dealing with website design. I'll never go anywhere else.

    Break The Image Nathan Dicken

    Break The Image  Jeff is hands down amazing! He created a website that exceeded my expectations. He took my vision with its many intricacies and created a clearly presented, site. I really appreciate his patience, perseverance and overall knowledge. Jeff is awesome and I am glad to say I gained a friend in the process!

    Break The Image Si Nicole

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